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The company was started by Mr. Sunil S. Jaiswar, he has vast experience in manufacturing of industrial spray nozzles & spray systems. "JSR Spray Systems" is India’s Leading organization in manufacturing of spray nozzles and spray systems. JSR Spray Systems is the trusted name in the field of industrial spray nozzles and accessories.

With an experience of more than a decade, our facilities have been developed to manufacture different types of spray nozzles used in various fields. Our field of specialization include manufacturing nozzles for Industries like Mining, Steel, Cement, Paper, HVAC Industries, Automobile Industries, Pharmaceuticals Industries, Food & Beverage Industries, Power & Environmental Engineering Industries, Surface Treatment (Paint Shop), Chemical Related Process Industries, Fire Protection Industries, Machine Tools Industries and Agriculture Industries to name a few. We are fast growing spray nozzles manufacturers in India.


JSR Spray Systems is one of the top manufacturer of spray nozzles in India. We’ve been providing spray nozzles and its components for more than 13 years. We provide spray nozzles, spray gun, accessories and more. We eager to give our customers everything they need for a complete spray solution. The JSR Spray Systems standard product range offers the right nozzle for every spraying task – whether pneumatic atomizing nozzles, flat fan nozzles, solid stream, or tank cleaning nozzles, hollow cone nozzles, full cone nozzles and air nozzles.

JSR Spray Nozzles has earned an excellent reputation in industry with on-going satisfied clients spread all over India.

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